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Restaurants in Greenwich

“Hops are a wicked and pernicious weed.” Greenwich’s most famous son, King Henry VIII of England, made the statement above. But we like to think that, were he alive today, he would perhaps revise his opinion after seeing the fine, high-quality hops used by Zerodegrees in our microbrewery. At any...
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Restaurants in Blackheath

“I’m the Dandy Highwayman, whom you’re too scared to mention…” “I spend my cash on beer and pizza”?! You heard right, you will find Zerodegrees among the restaurants in Blackheath, that most quintessentially English area of London. From its notoriety as a haunt for highwaymen way back in the 17th...
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Restaurants in Reading

One out of 3 B’s for Zerodegrees in Reading ain’t bad… You may or may not know that the Berskshire town famously grew into the economic and cultural centre it is today with the help of three major industries, all beginning with the letter “B”: Bulbs, Biscuits and Beer. Zerodegrees...
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Restaurants in Bristol

“SAVVA BEER AND A PIZZA!” Which is how you say “Let’s have a beer and a pizza” in the distinctive local dialect, and since Zerodegrees joined the ranks of restaurants in Bristol this has become easier than ever before! But don’t worry about getting to grips with “Brizzle” speak in...
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