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Bar Blackheath

The site we originally laid our roots on, Blackheath is a true haven amidst a hectic city. You would be forgiven for believing yourself somewhere in the English countryside whilst strolling on the grassy stretches of the heath. Save for the glinting steel of the City’s skyscrapers spilling over the...
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Bar Reading

Reading may be most famous for the longstanding Reading festival, a three day mud-fest where festival goers can listen to the best indie rock around while swigging on slightly warm, sub-standard beer. A bundle of fun for many people, however the real beer connoisseurs among you know that to find...
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Bar Bristol

Bristol. The city of hills and bikes, of markets and art, students and graffiti. This urban gem nestled in the heart of the West Country has been home to many iconic figures, from Cary Grant to Banksy, who have each nursed their thoughts, woes and drinks in the bars of...
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Bar Cardiff

Here are some little known facts about Wales: Mount Everest was named after Welshman Sir George Everest from Gwernvale, Breconshire; the letters K, Q, V and Z do not appear in the Welsh alphabet; all the statues surrounding Cardiff Castle are of animals. The Welsh are known for many other...
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