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Top Ingredients


Although hops seem to get all the glory, malt is actually as important an ingredient - helping to shape the beer's flavour and colour. We use traditional malts (like lager, cara and crystal) for various brews but our brewers can't help but experiment. We also use wheat, oats and rye, in fact we love malt mixing that much we recently brewed a five grain ale - because why not!


A frisky little beast, yeast is a single cell organism which turns sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. It's this C02 bi-product that makes your beer fizzy of flat - depending on if we let the C02 escape during fermentation or not. Whatever you prefer, you can be sure that we don't inject C02 after we've brewed - it's all natural.Look out for some live yeast brews in 2017 - we're going to tame the beast.


Hops add bitterness and aroma to our beer. We source hops from around the world and use the best hop for the job. From the use of the traditional Saaz hop in our take on the classic Pilsner, to dry hopping with mighty American hops - we love them and treat them with respect.If you want to know more about hops - why not pop down and chat to our on site brewer?

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Monday ~ Saturday 12:00pm ~ 12:00am*
*Bristol & Blackheath 12:00pm ~ 1:00am
Sunday 12:00pm ~ 11:00pm