You may be thinking “why does it matter? Isn’t a beer a beer no matter how you pour it?”. Well that may be true if we are talking about lesser quality beers. The way in which you pour your beer can contribute to the quality of the aroma and the flavours of the beer. Of course, we want you to enjoy our brews in the best way possible so we’ve come up with four simple steps on how we pour our brews and how you can get the same quality yourself.


  • Step one: Spotless glassware


Using a completely clean pint glass may not be something that you think would affect the quality of your beer but it is in fact quite an important part of the pouring process! Using a glass that contains any dirt or grease may affect the head creation and flavours – something you don’t want!


  • Step Two: 45 degree angle

Holding your glass at a 45 degree angle and aiming the pour in the middle of the slope in your glass allows the beer to glide down the glass without causing any splashback.


  • Step Three: 90 degree angle

When your pint is about half way full you should start to bring your glass upright to a 90 degree angle. This is the recipe that creates the perfect foamy head, releases the beers aromas and makes it look overall like the perfect pour.


  • Step Four: Down the centre

The remainder of the beer should be poured directly in the centre. This will create the perfect amount of foam (1/2 inch – 1 ½ inch) for the head. Hint: the higher your pour from the more foam you will create.


We hope these steps have helped you on your way to pouring the perfect pint! Check out how our experienced bar staff pour our Zerodegrees brews next time you visit us to see for yourself.