Science Says Pizza Makes You More Productive!*

*Kind of…

According to a study conducted by psychologist Dan Ariely, Pizza does in fact make you a MORE productive worker!

Ariely’s study focused on different groups of workers at a technology company in Israel where each group were offered a different bonus to motivate them to finish the task at hand. One group was offered a small bonus of $30, one was offered a complimentary text message from their boss, one was offered pizza and one was simply offered nothing.

From here, their motivation was measured and the winner… pizza!

The group enticed by pizza saw their productivity increased by 6.7 percent in just one day. The group eagerly awaiting a complimentary text message came in a close second with an increase of 6.6 percent, while the cash bonus group increased productivity by 4.9 percent.

Tuesday’s are always a hard day to get motivated so why not send our pizza menu your boss and let them know that you can do anything as long as you have a Zerodegrees pizza incentive at the end of it!