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A Bluffer’s Guide to Craft Beer

After 16 years of brewing we do still get asked what craft beer is and with the recent interest in everything 'craft' we thought it might be nice to produce a short but informative 'bluffers guide'. So with the help of a good illustrator and our social media wiz who...
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Beer for Wine Drinkers

We thought it might be nice to put together a guide to craft beer for wine drinkers so we asked Rob, one of our brewmasters, to undertake the unenviable task (!). After much supping and sipping he thinks he has nailed it... Wine/Grape: Pinot Grigio Beer: Zerodegrees Pilsner Tasting Notes:...
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Bar Greenwich

Ah Greenwich. That wonderful part of London where you can find markets, museums and culture alike, not to mention a fair smattering of good pubs and bars. Greenwich is known world over as the home of Greenwich Meantime (GMT) and the Prime Meridian of the globe. With a title like...
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Bar Blackheath

The site we originally laid our roots on, Blackheath is a true haven amidst a hectic city. You would be forgiven for believing yourself somewhere in the English countryside whilst strolling on the grassy stretches of the heath. Save for the glinting steel of the City’s skyscrapers spilling over the...
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