Get ready Bristol – a Christmas storm is coming!

Our awesome Master Bristol head brewer Simon teamed up with the talented Croft Ale head brewer Pedro to create a local brew for all our craft beer lovers in Bristol.

Simon and Pedro took to the drawing board with ideas and have come up with a delicious dark, aromatic beer. They’ve decided to name the collaboration beer Het Tempête which means “the storm”, in a mix of Flemish and French, languages of Belgium.

This beer uses a mixture of different hops to create a beautifully strong scent, including the aromatic Slovenian hop. Simon also completed propagation of the yeast at Zerodegrees, where he let it grow for a few days and then brought it to Croft Ales ready for brewing. A lot of time and effort has gone into this beer on both sides so it’s definitely going to be another great brew for both Zerodegrees and Croft Ale!

On the 16th December, you will be able to try this beer for yourself at Croft Ales. We will have the beers in both bottles and kegs so stay tuned to Zerodegrees and Croft Ale social media pages for more information about when you can get your hands on this delicious craft brew.

We love that we were able to team up with another local brewery and support each other to come up with this delicious beer and we are so excited for you to try it!