Corporate Event Hire Cardiff

“I don’t pop my cork for every man I see.” So sang Shirley Bassey, Cardiff’s most celebrated musical daughter, in her famous hit recording of ‘Big Spender’. But if popping corks is exactly what you’re in the market to do, and you’re looking for the perfect venue for a function or event for your company, then when it comes to corporate event hire Cardiff, Zerodegrees is the place to be.

Britain is currently going crazy for expertly and lovingly brewed beer and if you opt for Zerodegrees when considering corporate event hire Cardiff then you’ll be taken straight to the source. We will provide you with a free tour of our brewery so you can see for yourself where the magic happens and have a first-hand encounter with the practices that make all of beers so perfectly palatable.

Corporate Event Hire Cardiff – Zerodegrees

Zerodegrees has a constantly updating list of speciality beers with terrific new tipples to enjoy each month and each of our sites is a centre of hand-crafted goodness and traditional skill. This surely means that not only should we be your first stop when it comes to finding a classic tasting brew that is full of flavour and passion for the craft, but also for corporate event hire Cardiff we have everything you might need to lay on some seriously great and enlightening entertainment.

After getting up close and personal with all that beautiful beer you’re going to want something to eat, and Zerodegrees can also more than rise to the occasion on that count. We put as much thought into our menu full of delicious pizza, healthy salads and authentic pasta dishes as we do our beloved beer, and we also go the extra mile and will match your meal to the most complimentary beer. So if you select Zerodegrees for corporate event hire Cardiff we can definitely give your guests something to chew on.

So let us get right to the point… Spend a little time with Zerodegrees!