Our Head Chef Jarek celebrates his 18 year work anniversary

Today, we raise a glass to our phenomenal Head Chef, Jarek, as he celebrates an incredible 18-year work anniversary at Zerodegrees Microbrewery Blackheath.

Jarek isn’t just a chef; he’s the heart and soul of our kitchen, bringing passion and expertise to every dish. His dedication has made Zerodegrees a culinary haven, and we are beyond grateful for the years of delicious memories he’s crafted for us.

And then there’s the love story that unfolded within these very walls – Jarek met his life partner, now wife, across the kitchen pass. She started as a waitress, and today, they share a beautiful family together, a testament to the lasting connections forged in the heart of Zerodegrees.

Through Jarek’s skillful hands, Zerodegrees Blackheath has become synonymous with quality, innovation, and a warm, inviting atmosphere. His dedication to crafting dishes that delight the senses has created a community of food enthusiasts who keep coming back, turning our restaurant into a cherished gathering place for friends and families alike.

But Jarek’s impact goes beyond the kitchen. His leadership and mentorship have inspired our entire team to reach new heights, fostering a culture of creativity and camaraderie that defines Zerodegrees.

Cheers to Jarek, our culinary maestro, for 18 amazing years of flavour, innovation, and family bonds! Thank you for your dedication to Zerodegrees. Here’s to many more years of creating delicious moments and cherished memories.

Happy 18 year work anniversary Jarek!

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