New Beer Alert – summer is definitely brewing!

So our Brewmasters have been busy again, brewing up a summer storm of new beers for you to try which will land on tap at the start of August! We’ve got aged lambics, Mexican-inspired lagers and more – all aimed squarely at delivering some serious refreshment, whether the sun is shining or not. We’re hoping for “is” though, after all – summer’s brewing!

Here’s what’s in store:

Cherry Lambic – 6%

A slightly sweet and sour wild cherry lambic style beer made in a Zerodegrees way. Lambic beers are fermented using wild yeasts in the air and aged in oak barrels to give a sour tart flavour. Alex in Cardiff aged a distinctive Cherry Kriek he created for 8 months, adding cherries to give the beer a pleasant and full fruity sweetness that offsets the sour base before a pleasing and refreshing tart finish.


El Jefe Lime & Coriander Mexican Lager – 4.5%

Brewed with approximately 30% flaked maize to lighten the body and make this an easy drinker.  Lime and coriander were added to evoke the citrus zest common with Mexican foods.  We’ve pre-added the lime for you!

Brewmaster Jeff created this in Reading and says: “Having lived in San Diego for the past 6 years I have come to love Mexican food, but it can be hard to find a craft beer to pair it with.  I combined flavours of Mexican food with a base Mexican lager style.”


Lemongrass Saison – 5.7%

A highly effervescent brew with aromas of lemon and spice.  Pours a bit hazy, due to the low-flocculation of the Belgian Belle Saison yeast, but a good Saison should always have a bit of haze to it.

Brewmaster Jeff says: “I love drinking Saisons in the summertime and I have enjoyed interesting twists on ingredient additions for this style.  I love Thai food too, so voila! Lemongrass Saison. I used lemongrass powder on the hot-side in the whirlpool and will be “dry-hopping” with fresh lemongrass.”


Blackcurrant Berliner Weisse – 3.1%

Brewmaster Simon in Bristol created this sour beauty to be refreshing and forgiving in hot weather – or in his words: “Season is getting warm, time for low abv sour beers. Super fruity!  Nice!”

This is a sour beer with a fresh blackcurrant taste – sour, not bitter, so it’s fruity and refreshing.

Simon goes on: “This was kettle soured – Lactobacillus Brevis and Lactobacillus Delbrueki have been left with unhopped wort for one day. They brought the pH down and the sourness increased. Then I boiled, to kill them, added hops, and transferred to fermenter with  yeast. Before transfer to the serving tank, Blackcurrant extract has been added giving flavour and the red color.”

A serious summer brew!