Microbrewery and Proud

When it comes to brewing, we’re old hands – we started Zerodegrees microbrewery and restaurant in Blackheath in 2000 with the idea that we could make fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurised beer right here on site and then serve it up pretty much straight from the tank. We say “pretty much” only because it does have to travel a few feet from the tank to the pumps at the bar. It never leaves the system before arriving in your glass though and that’s as fresh as any beer can be served – no nasties, no isinglass and no heat treatment so the beer the brewer intended on you drinking is the beer you get to drink.

Microbrewing in Blackheath

To keep the bar supplied we do have a pretty good set-up – state of the art brewing technology which feeds into 1000 litre serving tanks – but we are still very definitely a microbrewery and we always will be. What’s micro about 1000 litres we hear you ask? Well, if you think that that’s less than 2000 pints (568ml to a pint, fact-fans) and think about it – you come down with four mates on Friday night and you each have 4 pints. Sounds like a nice one, right? That’s 20 pints gone and you’re definitely not the only ones in the place – we can get through a tank’s worth (spread across all the different beers of course) on a good night so that keeps the brewers working hard to keep up! Also means that the beer you drink is only ever fresh!

What is a Microbrewery?

According to official definitions a microbrewery is anyone who makes less than 1.8 million litres of beer in a year so we’re pretty comfortable with being a microbrewery. It’s not that we don’t want to give everyone a chance to try our beer – far from it! It’s just that doing things the way we do, with care and attention to every detail, means that we just won’t go with the industrial-scale processes that would be needed to churn out that much. No churn here, just brewing on-site so you can drink it in-sight.