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Welcome to Zerodegrees, the unique Micro-brewery and Restaurant concept, EST 2000

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Our award winning Pilsner, Our popular Mango Beer, The deep and delightful Black Lager, or any other of our speciality Beers! Just let your nearest Zerodegrees know which one you would like, and we will have it ready for you to pick up! They also make the perfect gift! Available in 5 litre mini-kegs serving approx. 9 pints! Great for a group party...

Beat the clock-on our main meals

Enjoy your favourites every Monday! The time you order, is the price you pay! The time is ticking...


Pecan Pizza Dessert

Our dream team in the Zerodegrees kitchens have been busy devising some pretty indulgent dessert with a Zerodegrees twist! The Pecan Pie with salted caramel Pizza is one of them. These pecans are full of flavour and warmed up just a touch to release its flavours. The sauce is a blend of de vinci toffee sauce and pure maple syrup and pecans! All of which is smothered on a small pizza and of course its topped off with ice cream! Exclusively to Blackheath Zerodegrees.

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