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Restaurant FAQs

Does Zerodegrees cater for people with specific dietary requirements?

We are happy to help with any dietary requirements and will find a tasty solution in our restaurants for most requests. Please do feel free to call us before your visit to discuss or speak to your waiter when you arrive.

Can I order Zerodegrees for takeaway?

Our Pizzas are wood fired and along with most of our dishes are renowned to be cooked inside the wood fired oven for that unique taste! So… we would recommend enjoying Zerodegrees to its fullest by eating with us at the restaurant! We can let you know what items are and aren't available for take-away if you do prefer to have it at home or on the go, If you have a party, a large group get together or have a celebration, then come in and let us take care of everything. Leaves you to enjoy the company and the food!

How do I contact you about a recent experience I had as a guest at Zerodegrees

Please tell us about your dining experience by clicking here for our comment form, which can also be found at the bottom of our home page

What kind of ingredients do you use in your menu items?

We strive to source premium ingredients and fresh vegetables. We value your dietary needs, many of our menu items can be modified to fit your needs. We offer options like honey-wheat and gluten free dough. So explore our menu. One bite and we’re sure you’ll understand the delicious difference.

How often does the Zerodegrees menu change?

We introduce new menus throughout the year, wtih two bigger launches around March and September.

General Queries

Your online booking system is showing the restaurant is fully booked for when I want to come in. Can I go on a waiting list?

Although all the tables available online can be fully booked, we still keep a small number of tables available for people walking into the restaurant. While we cannot guarantee their availability or the waiting time, please do come along!

I want to make a booking for a large party of people. What do I need to do? Do you do a set menu for groups?

For groups larger than 16 please use the online booking form and your request will be handled directly by the restaurant. If you would prefer a set menu, the restaurant you are planning to visit will be happy to discuss the options with you.

It’s my parent’s anniversary and they love Zerodegrees. I’d love to treat them to a meal. do you sell gift vouchers?

Unfortunately we aren't selling them at the moment, but they will be available to buy soon.

Is there a dress code at the restaurant?

No, there isn’t a dress code. All our restaurants are relaxed and informal.

Do you support charities and local organisations?

Wherever possible we do support local charitable events that we feel are relevant to our business and local community. Regrettably we are unable to support every charity that asks for our help. If you would like us to support you, please give us a call and we can discuss holding your event here and what we can do to give back to the charity.

Do you have disabled access at your restaurants?

All our restaurants have facilities to ensure that we can look after disabled guests in a safe and considerate way. Please contact the restaurant directly if you wish to discuss any specific requirements before your visit and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What is Zerodegrees?

We are a Micro-brewery, Restaurant and Bar! Yes, we brew are own beer on site at all 4 of our locations. We are also pioneers in wood fired Pizzas and cooking all our dishes fresh from the moment your order it!

Who owns Zerodegrees?

People are quite surprised to know that we are actually a family run business. Each one of us brings a passion of element that you can see in Zerodegrees, from our Beers to our Pizza to our Decor. We all have a say about how we do things here at Zerodegrees.

How do I get special offers

Please sign up to our mailing list for the latest offers and news! If you haven't already, join our facebook and twitter page

How can I apply for positions at Zerodegrees?

Please send your CV to your local branch. For managerial positions please email your CV to [email protected]

What opportunities are there for me to grow professionally at Zerodegrees?

We encourage you to do the best that you can, and so we would like to help train you in the areas that would benefit you and in turn us to work the best we can as a team. We can send you on training days and courses, specific to the area you work in, in the restaurant. If you are committed to your training and on-going development, we think there is no limit to your success!

How is Management structured at Zerodegrees?

Please ask in at your nearest Zerodegrees, to see our company management structure. At a glance, we have an Area Manager, Restaurant Managers and Restaurant assistant Managers to spearhead the running. We have The Brewers at each branch, the Head Chef and his skilled team at each restaurant. And finally we have our serving staff that are our face of our company. But at the core is a family and we like to think of everyone at Zerodegrees as our family

Brewery/Beer FAQs

How many pints in a 5-litre mini keg?

8.8 pints

I’d love to take one away, how much time is needed to order a mini keg?

We normally have mini-kegs on site, but if you prefer a specific one, please give us a call so we can keep it aside for you. If you need more than a few call us a week in advance!

What is the best way to store the 5-litre mini keg?

Pop them in the fridge and standing up!

How long do they last for?

Best enjoyed within two days. Make sure you always close the top between servings to avoid the beer from becoming flat.

Can I get a mini keg delivered?

We are working on this, we want to be able to reach you all so watch this space!

How do you use the 5 litre mini keg?

It’s really simple. Just lift and twist the top part to position 1 (labeled on the keg) to release the excess gas. Next, pull out the tap on the side, turn it anti-clockwise and pour your pint. When the keg is coming to an end, tilt the keg to get the last bit out. In between serving close the release valve at the top by turning it back to position 0 to avoid the release of too much gas. Enjoy!

Opening Times

Outdoor Dining, Delivery & Takeaway
Sunday-Thursday | 12pm-12am
Friday-Saturday | 12pm-1am

Outdoor Dining, Delivery & Takeaway
Sunday-Thursday | 12pm-12am
Friday-Saturday | 12pm-1am

Outdoor Dining, Delivery & Takeaway
Sunday-Thursday | 12pm-12am
Friday-Saturday | 12pm-1am

Outdoor Dining, Delivery & Takeaway
Monday-Sunday | 12pm-12am