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Get ready Bristol – a Christmas storm is coming! Our awesome Master Bristol head brewer Simon teamed up with the talented Croft Ale head brewer Pedro to create a local brew for all our craft beer lovers in Bristol. Simon and Pedro took to the drawing board with ideas and...
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You may be thinking “why does it matter? Isn’t a beer a beer no matter how you pour it?”. Well that may be true if we are talking about lesser quality beers. The way in which you pour your beer can contribute to the quality of the aroma and the...
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Review of Zerodegrees Blackheath by Peter Morrell of About My Generation

I have often written about the excellent culinary scene in South London and more specifically Blackheath Village. One of the best restaurants in the village is Zerodegrees which is also a bar and micro-brewery. The restaurant is very well placed with its terrace and front window overlooking the heath. I...
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Science Says Pizza Makes You More Productive!*

*Kind of... According to a study conducted by psychologist Dan Ariely, Pizza does in fact make you a MORE productive worker! Ariely’s study focused on different groups of workers at a technology company in Israel where each group were offered a different bonus to motivate them to finish the task...
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