November brews: Have you met them yet?

November Specials on tap!

Let me introduce the new November beers our brew masters have worked hard to produce for you! They really are a real treat for you at this time of year. This batch of speciality beers have been brewed with love as always, but also in line with the coming seasonal festivities. The Pumpkin Ale was guzzled down during Halloween and we expect these new brews to be received in the same way. Come in and try them! Have you ordered the beer flight yet? Try and whole range of our beers if you haven’t yet, and check out styles of beers you haven’t had a chance to!

From the very beginning of our journey back in 1999, our excitment to create fresh beers came about as we wanted to bring styles of beers from around the world to beer lovers like you, that perhaps wouldn’t be able to get to them so easily. If you’re a wine lover, don’t feel you won’t love beer just as much! Just try a whole range and believe me you’ll soon be talking tasting notes and brewing methods in no time. Did you know there are more tasting notes in beer that in a classic red wine?

Meet the NOVEMBER Beers:

The Le Chat Sauvage, a Belgian Saison is a beer that is just this! A style of beer that is enormously precious to brew and a delight to sip and enjoy! This style of beer is typically a seasonally summer style of beer, produced in Wallonia which is the French speaking part of Belgium. Made with candy sugar and orange peel, the finish to this fresh beer from Blackheath Zerodegrees is malty but with a dry end! Delicious.

We’ve included an American double IPA this month and at 7.5% it’s another strong beer standing tall with the pack. It’s brewed with Colombus, Comet, Chinook hops and with Pale Ale, Munich and Crystal Malts. This is a seriously easy drinking classic West Coast DIPA! Come over and check out this beer, the Californian Resin!

Another Belgium Ale hits the taps this month, The Flying Bee! A 6.0% ABV fresh brew made with oats and honey in the mix. It gets the spicy but fruity character from the yeast!

Clockwork Hazy Orange, is a New England Orange Session IPA at 4.4%. Pawel wanted to make sure he created a robust hazy beer with orange notes! What do you think?

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