Limited speciality beers are a real treat!

The speciality beers are a limited offering alongside the core beers being produced on-going. With new speciality beers being launched every single month, Zerodegrees brews a really good variety of beers to try! There are so many ways to try the fresh beer too.

If you’ll be eating at the restaurant ‘Beer Flight It’! 3 or 5 smaller beers on a flight tray so you can choose and pick your favourite for the next time. You can take the beers to go too. If you want to take away beer in the pint size to go cups, you can! Or take a Mini-keg home which carries just under 9 pints!

The brewers are dedicated to the breweries at the site and they are particular with when they release the beers from the tanks, they are limited and all specialty batches so these are styles beers from around the world you’ll get to try and enjoy! The beers are produced in the brewery, then go off to the fermentation and maturation tanks and then finally to the serving tanks where you beer comes straight from there and then to your glass. Can’t get fresher than that hey!

Check out the beer process at Zerodegrees Microbrewery on the brewery page of the website!

Have you got any questions about how beer is brewed? Social it. @Zerodegreesbeer