Corporate Event Hire Greenwich

“Do you think because you are virtuous, that there shall be no more cakes and ale?”. So wrote sometime Greenwich-based William Shakespeare in his well-known comedic play Twelfth Night, but here at Zerodegrees we believe that it is certainly possible to be virtuous and have ale. That’s because we brew our clean and crisp beers and ales onsite to assure the highest possible standards. And if you visit us for a corporate event hire Greenwich then we’ll be happy to show you how we do it.

Each sip of our any of the aromatic and authentic beverages we produce is bold and full of flavour, with a strong core… Much like Zerodegrees itself. We achieve this by not filtering, pasteurising or using additives and we’d love to show how we get our beer from tank to mouth, so be sure to book Zerodegrees for your corporate event hire Greenwich.

Corporate Event Hire Greenwich – Zerodegrees

Our very own hop-ping made enthusiasts have been brewing unique beer since 2000, so you’ll be in the company of some very knowledgeable and captivating experts if you choose to visit Zerodegrees for your corporate event hire Greenwich. We also have an ever-changing selection of speciality beers that are also made onsite, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

We take a similar approach to the food we serve, with wood fired ovens blazing away in an open plan kitchen so you can see the passion and expertise that goes into creating our pizzas. There are also delicious pastas and salads for you to choose from, so your corporate event hire Greenwich is guaranteed to be a real crowd-pleaser.

To be or not to be, as Shakespeare might say… It has to be Zerodegrees!