New Beer For July

July is a bumper month for us and our brewers have been working hard to bring you not the usual four but five speciality beers to enjoy! So, here’s what’s coming up:

Mexican Lager – 4.9% ABV – mid-July

A light, crisp maize lager with a refreshing dryness which is ideal to accompany a spicy pizza, salad or just enjoy on its own on a warm summer’s day. Similar to Corona and served with an optional wedge of lime for a citrus cut.

Single Hop IPA – 6% ABV – mid-July

Most beers are made with a mixture of hops but this IPA is a celebration of the Simcoe hop – a variety which has great bittering and gives both fruity and herbal, piney notes to a beer. This is a strong-flavoured brew which matches well with spicy dishes and rewards long, slow drinking to really get the most from its layered flavours.

Belgian Ale – 5.1% ABV – mid-July

Brewed in Wales to a traditional Belgian recipe, this beer is a rich and complex brew. Using malted wheat as well as malted barley, spices, wild yeast (it’s been bretted) and herbs gathered from the Welsh countryside, this is an aromatic and rewarding brew. We will be bottling a small amount of this and the continued maturation will make it a very interesting one to drink over time.

New Zealand IPA – 5.6% ABV – mid-July

Inspired by the southern hemisphere and bringing an enormous amount of hops to bear, this IPA takes advantage of the aromatic complexity of Cascade hops as well as the famous NZ-developed Nelson Sauvin hops with their gooseberry and crushed-grape characteristics. All of this results in a strong and complex hop aroma, a balanced bitterness and medium to full body.

Passionfruit XPA – 4.6%ABV – end of July

A fruity Extra Pale Ale brewed to bring a tropical taste to the British summer. Inspired by the success of our mango beer but without the malted wheat for a clearer beer. Lager malt and light use of American hops combine with the tartly sweet passionfruit flavours to create a thirst-quencher which goes great on its own on a summer’s afternoon or with any of our lighter dishes.