Restaurants in Reading

One out of 3 B’s for Zerodegrees in Reading ain’t bad…

You may or may not know that the Berskshire town famously grew into the economic and cultural centre it is today with the help of three major industries, all beginning with the letter “B”: Bulbs, Biscuits and Beer. Zerodegrees will certainly be catering for the last B, as any self-respecting restaurant in Reading would, but what about the other two?

Bulbs aren’t really our thing, but Zerodegrees owes as much of a debt to this part of Reading’s history as anyone. You could almost say that the bulb industry planted the seeds for the town’s subsequent success (see what we did there?). In fact Sutton & Son, Reading’s biggest bulb business, grew to be so large that by 1873 its premises had to have their very own fire station! With so many making their living off this “growth” industry, there has never been a shortage of pubs or restaurants in Reading.

As for biscuits, well Reading was once so famous for producing those that it was known as “Biscuit Town”! In fact, local baker Joseph Huntley used to send an errand boy to sell biscuits to hungry coach passengers arriving in or passing through the town. These days of course, Zerodegrees suspects that anyone paying a visit to Reading, as well as those who live there, would probably prefer something a bit more tasty and filling than the humble biscuit. That’s why we have joined the ranks of restaurants in Reading and fired up the wood-fired pizza ovens to give hungry diners something special to wash down with their beer.

Restaurants in Reading – Zerodegrees

Ah, beer… The last, but by no means the least, of the famous three B’s, and this is the one that Zerodegrees is really well-equipped to tell you about. After all, while the town historically has played host to any number of breweries, not many of the pubs or restaurants in Reading today come with their own microbrewery on site. You can find us next to The Oracle Shopping Centre at the very heart of the town, with over three floors catering for anything from a large function or gathering to more intimate dining. Zerodegrees also has not one, but two balconies upon which you can watch the bustle of Reading below.

Balconies… Bustle… Below?! That’s a few too many B’s creeping in. Maybe, it’s time for a beer?