Restaurants in Blackheath

“I’m the Dandy Highwayman, whom you’re too scared to mention…”

“I spend my cash on beer and pizza”?! You heard right, you will find Zerodegrees among the restaurants in Blackheath, that most quintessentially English area of London. From its notoriety as a haunt for highwaymen way back in the 17th Century, to its being the birthplace of Mary Quant, the Queen of the Mini-skirt, Blackheath has left an incredible impression on the national psyche.

It continues to be a notable place in the modern age, with a remarkably large green space and traditional village-type feel making it an area which stands out in the London of today. And despite its relatively small size, there are many fine pubs and restaurants in Blackheath. And just as well, as this veritable haven away from the bustle of the city is an area which is well-known for attracting famous residents, so you never know who you might end up rubbing shoulders with when you pop into Zerodegrees for a refreshing beer or a handmade pizza. Although you might be too busy surveying your peaceful surroundings to really take notice.

Restaurants in Blackheath – Zerodegrees

The sheer number of restaurants in Blackheath serves as testament to the fact that this is a small place with a big appetite for food. It obviously has a special place in our hearts as it is the location of the very first Zerodegrees. And what a wise choice we made in our selection. Blackheath is positively teeming with enthusiastic foodies, from the locals attending the farmers’ market every Sunday to the popular On Blackheath festival which combines a love of food with a passion for music and has seen the likes of Primal Scream and Squeeze rock the heath in previous years. Just as well Zerodegrees is close at hand for anyone who might have been partying too hard!

Of course, given that it is so in touch with the past there are many pubs that have been operating in the area since as long ago as the 16th Century. Naturally then, many of them will have served as hangouts for the aforementioned highwaymen, including the most famous of them all, Dick Turpin. Zerodegrees has an advantage among pubs and restaurants in Blackheath however, in that it has its own microbrewery on site. This means that getting hold of a pint of delicious, refreshing and freshly brewed ale won’t be a case of daylight robbery, so to speak. Also, there will be no need to cry “Stand and deliver!” as we have much in the way of comfortable seating and are happy to serve you.

See what we did there? Criminal, wasn’t it?