New Batch Beers On Tap!

On tap from this weekend!

5.4% Gwen Dragon is a white IPA bringing mouth watering spice and fruit notes in perfect harmony! This hybrid style of beer makes this easy drinking. It been deliciously made with only the freshest ingredients of ground coriander seeds and real orange peel! We’ve delicately married three hops for this wonderful collaboration of tasting notes. It is one of our favourites! Don’t we say that all the time? Our brewer’s inspiration was trying to marry both spice and sweet and this is one of his very own special brew recipes, so devour it till it lasts!

4.6% Hull-Maribor Pale is an utterly floral and fruity European Pale Ale! Simple and Sublime. We would like for you to enjoy this with sage flavoured sausages, one of our own caramelised pear pizza’s or a goats cheese salad as we think the flavour will really come out and grab you! let us know what you prefer the Dragon with?

4.5% Green Lantern: This brew is as refreshing as today’s spring breeze! Apple green in colour and Macha green tea in content, it’s a seriously fitting beer for the weekend! We think it works as the two hops we have used together are a match made in heaven. shhhhh! its a secret… We love it with a simple lemon pesto speghetti or a green salad. #stpatricksday

First sips are with you! Head over.