New Beer Alert! Small-batch specials on tap now!

Our brewers have been busy again, creating a fresh round of small-batch special beers for you to enjoy. These are a chance for the guys to flex their creative muscles and brew up something that inspires them, something that they have always wanted to brew or something just a little bit left-field.

Right now on tap, we have:

New England IPA – 6.7%

This tribute to the East Coast way of doing things is an absolute hop monster. Using a combination of Simcoe, Columbus and Cascade, this brew has a pine and citrus-lead nose which leads into a herbal-infused taste with fruity notes. Mango extract helps balance the bitterness and pushes a little sweetness through while the use of Vermon yeast gives a haziness to the light colour. Due to the high ABV, this is one to savour in moderation.

Belgian Saison – 6%

Saisons were originally brewed to give to seasonal workers – the saisonaires – in France and Belgium during the harvest so they need to be crisp and refreshing. Our special this month takes this inspiration and runs with it, creating a fruitier and spicier take on the classic. Perle and Hallertauer Tradition hops combine with Lager, Wheat and Munich malts as well as some flaked oats to create a distinctive yellow-orange summer brew with a good bitter balance and zesty flavour. This one will not hang around for long.

Cherry Kriek – 5.4%

A spontaneous fruity brew using wild yeast to create something truly unique – using the variability of an unpredictable living organism to create flavours which can never be fully predicted! Dark, thrilling cherry flavours are to be expected but it is a lighter brew – plus it’s been maturing for two years (yes, TWO YEARS!) and should be worth every second…

As with all our small batch specials, these are one-offs and when they’re gone they’re gone – make sure you join us soon.

Hopfenweisse – 4.2%

We’re big fans of the sweetly phenolic flavours of a typical Hefeweizen, all wheat-driven banana and cloves, but sometimes it’s good to mix it up a bit – enter the Hopfenweisse: sweet malty flavours balanced by a serious dose of hops to layer it up with flowery, hoppy bitterness. The two palates compliment each other beautifully and work an absolute treat with spicy dishes – or just as a pint of course…