#FirstSips December Beers Now On Tap

So our Brewmasters have been busy again, putting together a seasonally-inspired collection of new brews for you to try – but be quick, when these badboys are gone, they’re gone!

Toffee Ale – 6%

If Santa was here now, he’d be drinking this. Our Toffee Ale really is Christmas in a keg, made with roasted malt, subtle hops, caramelised condensed milk AND coffee. If you’ve come to ZD for a pizza, why not skip the dessert and go straight to this – creamy, rich, smooth, caramel, Christmas. We really can’t say any more than that.



Weissen Bock – 6.8%

We’re dreaming of a weissen Christmas. It’s not quite got the same ring to it, but hopefully you get the jist. This weissen bock is basically a light, white German style lager. It’s easy drinking but don’t be fooled because it’s also 6.8% abv, so no sleigh riding after this one.



Brown Ale – 4.4%

Christmas puddings, Yule logs, reindeers and Santa’s sleigh; have you ever realised that the best things at Christmas are brown? This brown ale is no exception – low hop profile and toasty, warming malt. It’s dry and refreshing, with a coffee and unsweetened chocolate flavour. We like to think Rudolf would approve.



Five Grain Ale (Blackheath only) – 4.7%

Who even knew you could put five grains in a beer? Well, we did. So we put lager malt, crystal malt, wheat, oat and rye into our latest brew because sometimes, more is more. This crazy complex malt bill means only one thing – a crazy complex flavour. We’ve kept the hops light on this one so the grains can really talk. Why don’t you give it a try, see if they’ve got oat to say?