#FirstSips – November Beers Now on Tap

Our November limited edition beers are now on tap across all the sites. This month our brews have a distinctly Autumnal flavour to them. Here is this month’s #FirstSips line up…

Oatmeal Pale Ale – 4.5%: Smooth, toasted malt and creamy nuttiness from the oat balanced with a rounded citrus hop flavour –  a good match for our Jamaican jerk chicken pizza.

Amber Lager – 5.2%: A homage to the classic American steam beer style, brewed with American hops to balance the lightly toasted malt. Full bodied, fruity and warming. Perfect autumn drinking.

IPL – 4.5%: A best of both worlds: Tastier than a classic lager, yet easier to drink than an IPA – this beer is one for lager and ale drinkers alike. A bold beer for big flavours – enjoy with our Americana pizza.

Belgian Pale – 5.4%: Easy drinking and refreshing a good accompaniment for soft, fresh flavours – perhaps a salad or creamy pasta.

Oktoberfest – 5.7%: So good you can even drink it in November! Our take on a classic style – one for the German beer lover.