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There are changes afoot at Zerodegrees Reading, with a fresh new look coming before the end of the year. What will not be changing in any way will be our place at the heart of the craft beer Reading scene and we’re always going to make sure that never changes. We’ve been brewing up our core range and seasonal specials ever since we opened but 2016 has been different – we decided that instead of a few special brews a year that we’d really step up the page and create at least one, then two new beers every month. This non-stop rolling beer festival is unique in the Reading craft beer scene and it’s not just the beers we make here – the three other Zerodegrees are doing the same and sharing them with us. That means we have, depending on the month, up to eight new special brews on tap and that’s unique among UK breweries.

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So far this year, Andrei the Reading brewmaster has created, amongst other things, an India Pale Lager, an American Wheat Beer, a Passionfruit ale and a Vienna Lager and on tap at time of writing (late September) there’s a refreshing Blonde IPA which he made to enjoy the last of the warm weather with. September has been a warm one alright but with the nights drawing in now Andrei decided to make something to keep the chill out of your bones – a classic California Common or Steam Beer. This unique style, originating on the West Coast of America and usually associated with San Francisco, came about because of the warm climate of that part of the world and a lack of refrigeration at the time it was first brewed. The lager yeast which brewers would usually use had trouble fermenting at higher temperatures that it was used to so a special strain was developed which could handle the warmth while special shallow fermenters were used to give it a helping hand. Andrei has been using our usual fermenter, after all we’ve got some pretty good chillers to make our craft beer in Reading, into which he’s put a mash made with Amber and Munich malts alongside Northern Brewer and Cascade hops to create a warming autumn lager. If you’re looking to pair this beer with food, it goes well with our Prawn Spaghetti or Salmon & Mascarpone Pizza but Andrei reckons for the full flavour effect people should try it with Goats Cheese Salad. Who are we to argue? Looking forward to seeing you for #FirstSips, whether you try it on its own or pair it up!