Craft Beer Cardiff – What’s Brewing at Cardiff

We’ve been having a great year at Cardiff and Alex, our brewmaster and the master of craft beer Cardiff, has been working his wellies off making a range of special brews to augment our core range – not just a new beer here and there but one and sometimes two new beers every month, alongside the 5 other beers he keeps on tap each and every month…! It’s very few breweries who can do this but we didn’t want to stop there. As well as providing the freshest range of craft beer in Cardiff, we wanted to share the love of the other three Zerodegrees and what they’re brewing – so with all four breweries firing on all tanks we’ve got at least four new speciality beers to serve each and every month and sometimes up to eight!

Best Craft Beer in Cardiff at Zerodegrees

This means we’ve pretty much got a non-stop rolling beer festival going, serving up new brews to the craft beer lovers of Cardiff! It’s just as well we’ve got all this set up though because an almost-unheard of fault with one of our chillers has meant Alex has been down on equipment this month and has had to concentrate on keeping the core range going rather than getting his special on. So what would he have brewed if he’d not being making perfect pilsner, masterful mango beer and bounteous black lager? Here’s what you could have won: Marietto’s Lager – a lime tequila beer brewed with agave and blended with Mexican tequila to create a light and zesty refreshing lager. This is definitely not the last you’ll hear of this beer but, being more of a warm-weather brew, the sunnier days of 2017 might be a better time than as we slide into autumn. The other beer on the slate was a Marzen lager for Oktoberfest. Marzen beers are matured for a long time at very low temperatures – longer than even most lagers – to create an intense and rich lager flavour. Once again, this is not the last you’ll hear of this style from us and Alex is looking forward to getting back to making speciality beers very soon indeed. In the meantime, we’re still serving up #FirstSips of 6 specials every month – get to us before they become #LastDrops!