First Craft Beer In Bristol at Zerodegrees

For a long time we went it alone when it came to brewing – when we opened Zerodegrees Bristol we were the only craft beer Bristol had – not sure any even called it that back then – but the scene is thriving here now and we like to think that we lead the way. Certainly there was nowhere else you could choose from half a dozen fresh-brewed craft beers in Bristol, brewed on-site and served straight from the talk. Come to think if it, there still isn’t… What there is though is a thriving craft beer scene in Bristol and we couldn’t be happier – it means people are more likely to be adventurous and try new things – means we can really let loose when it comes to thinking about our specials and what we want to brew next to add to the core range.

Fresh-brewed Craft Beer Bristol

In the tanks during September, ready for #FirstSips by the middle of October if all goes as it should, we’ve got a beautifully rich and autumnal dry stout. Yes, yes, we know, we’ve just been going on about being adventurous with craft beer in Bristol but stouts have two big things going for them – 1. It’s not just about Guinness anymore, folks are happy to grab a pint of the black stuff which isn’t The Black Stuff, and 2. It’s an ideal autumn drink with a rich, roasted coffee flavour ready to warm up any rainy afternoon.

The malt bill for this stout is fairly standard with barley, chocolate and crystal malts combined with German hops and a UK strain of yeast. All this gives that instantly-recognisable stout flavour profile of chocolate and coffee but we’ve kept it intentionally lighter than a lot of stouts, both in body and alcohol, which means it should be a pretty session-able beer when it comes on tap. So that’s what’s brewing in terms of craft beer at Bristol this month, look forward to seeing you for #FirstSips!