New Beers for August

July’s specials flew out of the pipes almost as fast as we could pump them – so glad you guys enjoyed them! To try to catch up we’ve just got three specials for August but a whole load more coming after that, here’s what’s on tap right now:

Single Hop IPA – 6%

Most beers are made with a mixture of hops but this IPA is a celebration of the Simcoe hop – a variety which has great bittering and gives both fruity and herbal, piney notes to a beer. This is a strong-flavoured brew which matches well with spicy dishes and rewards long, slow drinking to really get the most from its layered flavours.

French Saison – 5.9%

Saison beers are typically from France and Belgium – they were brewed for the seasonal workers who brought the harvest in, the Saisonnaires, and are also sometimes called Farmhouse Ales in the USA. Since there was no refrigeration, special strains of yeast (now called saison yeast) were used to make sure the beer was good and dry (less sugar for the nasties to feast on) and used more hops than usual – to give it a refreshing bite which is great for the summer. Ours is a dry, spicy, herbal brew with a European hoppiness to it which goes great on a summer’s afternoon, either on its own or with some seafood.

Belgian Ale – 5.1%

Brewed in Wales to a traditional Belgian recipe, this beer is a rich and complex brew. Using malted wheat as well as malted barley, spices, wild yeast (it’s been bretted) and herbs gathered from the Welsh countryside, this is an aromatic and rewarding brew. We will be bottling a small amount of this and the continued maturation will make it a very interesting one to drink over time.