Corporate Event Hire Bristol

“My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.” The above is some very sound advice from Bristol born Cary Grant, who of course went on to become one of Hollywood’s most enduring stars. Sometimes we are called upon to find ways to occupy not only our own time, but that of our company or organisation as well. But if you’re looking for a corporate event hire Bristol, you really don’t need to search much further than Zerodegrees for the best way to occupy your time.

Zerodegrees is the home of fresh tasty beer in Bristol, all made from the very finest malt, yeast and hops, using traditional techniques with a modern verve. Everyone is buzzing about brewing at the moment and we’re at the very forefront of this phenomenon and more than happy to show you how we do it. With free tours of our sites and much more, Zerodegrees is the ideal venue for corporate event hire Bristol.

Corporate Event Hire Bristol – Zerodegrees

Come and have a peek at how we achieve brewing perfection by following the entire process from raw ingredients to refreshing beer. And of course, once you see how the magic happens you’re going to want to taste it too! If you choose Zerodegrees for your corporate event hire Bristol we can guarantee that there won’t be a dry mouth in the house!

And if there’s one thing we love as much as great beer it’s delicious food, and what goes better with beer than pizza? Zerodegrees is as dedicated to making the tastiest pizza as we are to creating the most refreshing beer, and just as we follow a tried and tested formula for our brew, our pizzas are given a classic flavour by being cooked in our wood fired ovens. Visit us for a corporate event hire Bristol and it’s a certainty that everyone will leave satisfied!

Why, we even think that a Hollywood star such as Cary Grant would find more than enough to occupy himself with at Zerodegrees!