Bar Bristol

Bristol. The city of hills and bikes, of markets and art, students and graffiti. This urban gem nestled in the heart of the West Country has been home to many iconic figures, from Cary Grant to Banksy, who have each nursed their thoughts, woes and drinks in the bars of Bristol. Bristol’s history as a city port has resulted in centuries of sailors, smugglers, pirates and other sea-faring folk spilling onto its cobbled streets in search of the finest (or the cheapest) hooch.

Fortunately the pirates no longer frequent our historic streets but happily for us the city’s propensity for a drink has not only remained but also thrived in our pubs and bars. Bristol, known for its quirks and eccentricities, has a drinking scene to match. No matter where you find yourself in this unique little city of ours, rest assured you will be rubbing shoulders with a plethora of Bristol’s best drinking establishments. Bar Bristol’s seeming adoration of damp weather, it is a city like no other. So let us take a walk through its streets to some of its finest haunts.

A walk through the scene bar Bristol

Down by the waterfront? Nostalgic for a night spent in a bygone time? Wind your way through the streets to Colston Avenue where you’ll have to look closely to find a bar Bristol is struggling to keep secret. Hidden in a historic building is Milk & Thistle, a prohibition style bar exuding coolness and seriously superior cocktails. Get yourself in here and you’re in for a night of true old school glamour.

Or maybe you find yourself wandering through the timeworn grandeur of Clifton. When you have had your fill of boutique shops and artisan cafes, head over to one of Bristol’s oldest and most famous watering holes, The Coronation (“Corrie”) Tap, where you can battle through the swathes of students to sample its famously potent ‘Exhibition’ cider. Good luck navigating Clifton’s cobbles after a few of those.

Or perhaps, after tackling the cheerily named but notoriously formidable Christmas Steps, rest your weary legs in Zerodegrees, where you can enjoy one of our deliciously crisp, cool craft beers while looking out at the magnificent city, with all its twists and turns, which we are proud to call home.