New Beers: June 2016

Our Brewmasters are always coming up with ideas for new beers, here’s what’s on tap for June:


Now: Vienna Lager – An authentic Vienna style lager inspired by memories of a few summer afternoons spent sitting in sunny Viennese beer gardens drinking this thirst quenching but flavoursome beer style and watching the world go by. Crisp and refreshing with a subtle biscuit-like maltiness, it’s a real summer beer and sits between our Pilsner and Pale Ale in the range. Fermentation with a lager yeast leaves a crisp, refreshing beer, but additions of crystal malt and Saaz hops gives a more robust flavour.

Next, mid-June: 4C’s Session Lager – light and refreshing with a lower alcohol content for hot summer days…


Now: Silver Fern – Inspired  by Mondo Brew Co. (Battersea) American Pilsner, this is a Maize & Barley lager beer which is smoother and crispier, less complex than a Pilsner, but dry, crisp and easy-drinking with a smooth aromatic body.

Next, 20th June: India Pale Hefeweizen – a stylistic mash-up with Hefeweizen’s classic banana and clove aromas overlayed by US-style citrus flavours. With a classic German wheat beer yeast, the twist comes from loads of Columbus and Chinook hops and some color coming from the crystal malts used. This is a beer to match with big flavours like Spaghetti Piccanti or Piri-Piri Chicken pizza.


Now: India Pale Lager – bitterness and citrusy aroma of an ale with the smooth aftertaste of lager. India Pale Lagers are not yet an officially distinct style in the Beer Judge Certification Program but there is no reason to not brew a beer with IPA hop characteristic as IPA and ferment it with a lager strain, in the way to make malt and hop flavour even more accentuate, minimizing yeast character.

Next, 21st June: New Zealand IPA – bringing the southern hemisphere to the UK with big aromas, a medium to full body and an elegantly balanced bitterness. A huge amount of hops were used for this brew including dry-hopping and it will match well with our Lime & Tequila Tagliatelle.


Now: Wild Cherry – inspired by biodiversity and using wild yeast to create a unique set of summer fruit flavours, this beer is a wonderful gamble because of the unpredictable nature of wild yeast in secondary fermentation. It will match well with lighter dishes, especially fish, and as well as being on tap a small amount will be bottles and the continued maturation should be fascinating.

Next, 20th June: Indian Pale Lager – using a very similar process to the beer at Reading, this displays bitterness and citrusy aroma of an ale with the smooth aftertaste of lager.